Nike VR-S Hybrid

The Nike VR-S Hybrid

NexCOR face technology for maximum ball speed off the clubface, achieved by an ultra thin clubface with variable face thickness. New L-Face technology moves the weld to the bottom of the club head expanding the COR lower on the clubface. Aerodynamic head shape provides more swing speed for greater distance.

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About Nike

Millions of eyes watched expectantly as a lone figure cloaked in red and black effortlessly urged a small white ball onto a green carpet of perfection, rolled for seemingly an eternity then tilted to a stop for a moment at the precipice of the incredible, showcasing a symbol known the world over, when at long last, the object of brilliance dropped into the cup to a deafening roar from the spectators and the artist who made the entire image possible: Tiger Woods. The scene was the 16th hole at the Masters in 2005 where Tiger single-handedly solidified Nike Golf on the golf map forever.

Nike Golf was built around the most recognizable athlete on earth and arguably the greatest golfer ever. Thanks to Tiger's dominance on the PGA Tour throughout his career, Nike Golf equipment has become some of the most pursued in the industry. Nothing makes a weekend warrior feel like Woods himself quite like a red Nike polo and black slacks with a signature black Nike cap and Tiger-esque prowl about the course.

Since Tiger burst onto the scene in 1997 with his first victory at the Masters, Nike has become a leader not simply from popularity but on merit. Nike drivers, woods and irons rival the industry leaders and have become some of the hottest sellers across the globe. Nike went a step further and unveiled the Method putter, a club which stands on its own as a tool of precision and reliability.

To complement the stable of clubs available, Nike offers everything a golfer needs to pursue victory, just like Tiger and its newest star, Rory McIlroy. From custom golf spikes designed by Tiger himself to rain gear fit for a rainy Irish links course, high-performance golf balls, tees, towels, gloves and bags, Nike outfits top golfers from head to toe and leaves no excuse for greatness to be achieved any day, at any time.

Whether there are millions watching or just one alone on the course, Nike is there to make the extraordinary commonplace.

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