Nickent 4DX IW Ironwood Hybrid

The Nickent 4DX IW Ironwood Hybrid

Super thin .4 mm Titanium crown is fused with a stainless steel body by a unique and patented brazing technology New crown configuration weighs almost 4 times less than the crown of the 3DX DC hybrids Brazing technology allows a manufacturer to fuse steel and titanium without using epoxy The face height of the 4DX is 2mm taller than the 3DX models, giving the 4DX less spin and a more penetrating ball flight This design change creates a perfect trajectory that fights the wind and lands softly from long distances, while catering to every swing speed XW inserts are made of tungsten polymer to reduce vibration and to be used for swing weight adjustment (by the manufacturer) without relying on bulky screws that add a harsh feel at impact The 4DX IW is an iron replacement club that has 16 different lofts, one club every 1.5 degrees from 14

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