Adams Idea a7 Hybrid

The Adams Idea a7 Hybrid

The Adams Idea a7 hybrid irons are the latest product in the innovative Idea range of irons and have been designed to complement the Idea a7 hybrid to offer the golfer a complete set that will promote increased distance, forgiveness and playability. The Idea a7 5 iron is a unique transition iron designed to bring the traditional hybrids and irons in the set together. With a patented hollow back design and 13 percent thinner face this club bridges the gap to the precision engineered scoring irons that complete the set from 6-PW. These feature narrower top lines and soles, maximising the workability of the Idea a7, ensuring that all players have the best chance of scoring well. With dual cavity backs and stabilizer bars Adams have also ensured that the Idea a7 irons provide both enhanced forgiveness and feel.

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About Adams

In the world of golf, Adams is synonymous with "hybrid." Pioneering golf club design in the 1990s, founder Barney Adams is largely responsible for the hybrid golf clubs nearly every golfer has in their bag. Beginning with the Tight Lies fairway wood which became a phenomenon worldwide, Adams Golf has developed into a brand which is in a word: reliable.

While the Adams product line contains its vaunted hybrids, which are some of the most widely played on the PGA Tour; it also offers a full complement of clubs, to include wedges promoted by their most recognizable pro, Tom Watson. Hinging on the success of Watson's gutsy chip-in at the 1982 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach with a wedge play for the ages, Adams offers signature Tom Watson customizable wedges which tempt their users to dream bigger and imagine themselves winning it all with one stroke.

Since 2012, Adams Golf has been affiliated with Taylormade-Adidas Golf which promises even greater advances in technology, innovation and design. Adams will continue to lead the industry with the hybrid club, but the partnership promises even more breakthroughs in years to come.

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